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The Firm’s practice areas do not include criminal defense, domestic relations, tax matters, real estate closings, patents, complex securities, and/or mergers and acquisitions.  In relation to these areas, however, the Firm is pleased to assist existing or prospective Clients via referral to experienced Atlanta-area lawyers who have successfully represented the Firm’s Clients in the past in these areas.  These referrals are not made on the basis of cronyism, quid-pro-quo, or any other such concern.  Instead, although the Firm cannot guarantee the performance of any outside attorney, these referrals are based on one consideration and one consideration only – getting the Client to the outside attorney best-suited to assist that Client.  There is never any charge from the Firm for the referral of a potential or existing Client to a third-party attorney in matters involving areas of law outside the Firm’s practice scope.

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