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There is no higher compliment to an attorney than being selected to help represent another attorney’s Client.  Such relationship is a necessity when a nonresident Client and attorney become involved in Georgia litigation.  Superior service as local counsel is an art that entails more than simply knowing the law and the rules of court.  Some situations require Georgia counsel to function as active co-counsel, shouldering a significant portion of the substantive legal work. In other cases, the role is procedural, with local counsel helping to ensure compliance with the court’s rules and customs while still providing “boots on the ground” in Georgia when necessary.  Georgia counsel, of course, owes the duties of professionalism and loyalty to the Client that every attorney owes to every Client.  Local counsel also owes a duty to primary counsel to honor the trust and confidence inherent in that relationship.  The Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in federal and state courts throughout Georgia and have served as local counsel in a wide variety of cases and circumstances. 

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