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The "bread and butter" of the Firm's practice lies in its extensive commercial litigation experience.  The Firm has successfully represented its Clients in a vast array of business-related lawsuits, including cases arising from or involving non-compete provisions and other restrictive covenants, alleged breaches of service and supply contracts, copyright infringement, technology issues, violation of trademark law, alleged theft of trade secrets, and a host of other business-related categories.  Many of these business litigation cases have involved complex subjects and/or have arisen from a straightforward topic made complex by the sheer quantity of documents and information at issue.  The Firm's business litigation Clients run the gamut from publicly-traded giants to mom-and-pop start-ups.  The Firm prides itself on its understanding of the difference between cases with global ramifications (e.g., cases in which a message must be sent via the litigation to third parties similarly situated to the opposing party) and cases-in-a-vacuum (e.g., those cases not likely to be repeated and in which the sole and ultimate goal is to maximize the financial result for that particular case).

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