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The Firm’s attorneys have drafted contracts covering an enormous range of business relationships in dozens of industries.  In these matters, the Firm works to understand the Client’s industry and the Client’s particular needs and goals. The Firm likewise ensures that the Client understands the risks, rewards, and legal nuances of the Client’s prospective business relationships and practices. Because of the Firm’s substantial contract-related experience, the old axiom usually holds true – “there is nothing new under the sun.” The Firm maintains a vast file of prior contract-related work product that almost always provides an on-point, cost-effective head start.  At the same time, however, the Firm understands that every business relationship is unique and will never employ a “cookie-cutter” approach. Each of the Firm’s attorneys has substantial litigation experience that allows him to anticipate “problem issues” that may, if not addressed on the front end, ultimately lead to disputes or problems.  Likewise, because of the Firm’s business and technology experience, its attorneys remain current on key industry developments that a cutting-edge contract or license should address.

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