No law firm, regardless of its size, has a monopoly on top-notch attorneys. “Bigger” does not mean “better,” especially when the Client’s case or matter does not require an army of attorneys. The prudent Client understands that the attorney-Client relationship ultimately boils down to people. It is the individual, not the entity, who gives unconditional loyalty to the Client; who provides personal accountability to the Client; and who brings passion to the Client’s cause.


Probate Trusts and Estates

The Firm offers a full range of services to clients in matters pertaining to probate, trusts, and estates. We are experienced in the drafting of Wills, Family Trusts, Life-insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and numerous other legal instruments that allow you to plan ahead, protect your loved ones, and ensure that your wishes are carried out and respected. The Firm also provides advice and counseling related to elder care and special needs matters, including financial powers of attorney, living wills, and advance directives.

The Firm also represents clients involved in administering estates in probate. In addition, the Firm's attorneys are experienced in handling disputes regarding estates, wills, and trusts, and can advise you in all matters pertaining to the resolution of these disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation in court.

It’s the quality of the lawyer, not the size of the firm, that matters.