Why Is “Client” Capitalized?

Throughout our web site, all forms of the word “Client” are capitalized. This is not dictated by any “Blue Book” rules of form or usage. Rather, we capitalize “Client” because that is the most important word on our web site. By this convention, we remind ourselves of the fundamental nature of our duties to our Clients, and we remind our web site visitors of the appreciation, respect, and loyalty that we have for our Clients.

The Firm's Clients include Coach Bill Curry, who was hired in 2008 as Georgia State University's first-ever head football coach. Wellborn represented Curry in relation to the negotiation of Curry's coaching contract. Wellborn was also Curry's co-author of "Sanity, Survival, and Winning: A Football Coaches' Guide." Curry recognized Wellborn in the Acknowledgments of Curry's 2008 book "Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle: Lessons from a Football Life."

Our pledge to our clients

Too many lawyers today act as though the lawyer is doing the Client a favor by taking the Client’s case. We believe that just the opposite is true – that it is our privilege to represent our Clients. In short, we aspire to the Golden Rule. We strive at all times to represent each Client in the manner that we would desire if the roles were reversed, and we were the Client instead of the Attorney. The supreme level of service to which we aspire for you, our Client – indeed, the method by which we will seek always to inspire your confidence and trust – includes the following goals:

1. We will be honest.

We will be straight-forward with you regarding our evaluation of your case. We will not overstate our true evaluation of your case or matter in an effort to gain the business or encourage litigation. Likewise, we will not understate our true evaluation in an effort to “look like a hero” when we later achieve a better result. We are not “yes-men.” If we disagree with you, we will communicate that in a clear but respectful manner. We will be honest with you in all aspects of our dealings with you.

2. We will be responsive.

We will not hide behind a phalanx of operators, receptionists, secretaries, and assistants when you try to reach us. If we are “in” and available, we will talk. If you are told that we are “out of the office,” you can bank on that being true. Indeed, whenever we can, we answer our own lines. Although it is not always possible, our goal is to never let the sun go down on an unreturned call or e-mail. We will be responsive.

3. We will be loyal.

We will act at all times in a manner consistent with the great trust you have bestowed upon us by allowing the Firm to represent you. We will always use our best and most diligent efforts in our representation of you. We will be loyal to you.

4. We will be prompt.

We understand that “time is money” and that a protracted case or matter benefits no one. We also understand the urgency and gravity of any matter that is sufficiently serious or important to cause you to seek legal representation. We are aware of the financial cost and the emotional toll that results from a lawyer’s “hurry up and wait” attitude. To the extent that it is within our control, we will be prompt and proactive.

5. We will speak and write in a clear manner.

No one hates “legalese” more than we do. Our Clients “drive their cars” rather than “operate their motorized vehicles.” They often live “near” the Firm, but never “in close proximity to” us. Our Clients may “go” somewhere, but they never “proceed to travel” to that destination. We will ensure that you understand what we are saying or writing, regardless of your experience with the legal system. We will speak and write in a clear manner.

6. We will listen.

This most basic element of our pledge to you requires no discussion. When you talk, we will listen. Period.

7. We will understand the economics of your case.

Many lawyers do not understand the economics of case/matter management. These attorneys are puzzled at a Client’s lack of gratitude for a “win” in which the attorney billed $100,000 to recover $95,000. They seem to be completely unaware of the concept of a case budget. We understand that legal representation is, in fact, a business function and that, in most cases, the ultimate goal is one of financial maximization. We know that a $50,000 dispute must necessarily be handled in a substantially different manner from a $5,000,000 dispute involving similar facts. We will understand the economics of your case.

8. We will excel.

We strive to be the best at what we do. We take pride in the quality of the legal services we provide. We will do our best to exceed your expectations regarding our representation of you. We have the discipline to prepare and the will to win. We will excel.