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Intellectual Property Law Firm

Intellectual Property Law

In today's global economy, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, and other intellectual property ("IP") are among the most valuable assets of any business, from sole proprietorships to giant publicly-traded corporations. The Firm's attorneys help each Client identify, evaluate, protect, and exploit the Client's IP for the maximum financial benefit. The Firm provides guidance in all phases of IP planning, including the formulation of initial plans, the securing of rights, and the creation and execution of business strategies (e.g., licensing, joint development, outright sale, etc.). The Firm's practice also includes the prosecution and enforcement of the Client's intellectual property rights. The Firm's attorneys collectively have decades of intellectual property litigation and dispute resolution experience, and their victories include some of the most important trademark, service mark, and copyright-related cases of the Internet/technology age. The Firm's litigation practice includes extensive experience in intellectual property law, including substantial experience in software-related cases, copyright law, and trademark law. This aspect of the Firm's practice comes naturally -- Pete Wellborn holds a B.S. from Georgia Tech in Computer Science and Kelly Wallace holds technology-related bachelor's and master's degrees from Tech

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