The next time you are in another law firm, take a look around. Are that firm’s Clients financing a museum-quality art collection? Are the bathrooms decked out in Brazilian granite from floor to ceiling? Does the firm lunchroom look more like a five-star restaurant? Do you think that firm’s Clients ever wonder why they are paying $350/hour? $400/hour? Even more? The smart Client hires the person, rather than financing the institution.



National Attorney of the Year

National Attorney of the Year (LAWYERS WEEKLY - 2004)

Super Lawyer

Super Lawyer (ATLANTA MAGAZINE - 2007, 2008, 2009)

Elite Attorney

Elite Attorney (GEORGIA TREND MAGAZINE - 2004)

CNET Reviews

"You can have Johnny Cochran; if I'm ever in a legal wrangle - or a bar fight - I'd want Pete Wellborn on my side.“ CNET REVIEWS (Dan Tynan)

Atlanta Business Chronicle

"[O]ne of the country's top litigation attorneys of the Internet age." ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE (Bryan Moran)

Macon Telegraph

"How many lives have you tried to change? Pete Wellborn's answer is probably a lot better than yours or mine." MACON TELEGRAPH (James Palmer)

Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Wellborn, an imposing figure, has built a national reputation for bringing [his clients opponents] to their knees." ATLANTA JOURNAL & CONSTITUTION (Bill Husted)

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine



"[F]ew attorneys have waged such a public, and successful, battle . . . and none has done it with such flair." NEWSDAY (Mark Harrington)

Boardwatch Magazine

"Wellborn's cases have historical implications." BOARDWATCH MAGAZINE (Mark Harrington)

Lawyers Weekly USA

A legal "superhero." LAWYERS WEEKLY USA (Natalie White)

Bill Curry

"My former player and brilliant attorney, finds more constructive ways to encourage others than anyone else I know. That gift is regularly extended to his old coach. Pete, you are simply amazing." TEN MEN YOU MEET IN THE HUDDLE (Bill Curry)

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyer ( – 2012)