No law firm, regardless of its size, has a monopoly on top-notch attorneys. "Bigger" does not mean "better" especially when the Client's case or matter does not require an army of attorneys. The prudent Client understands that the attorney-Client relationship ultimately boils down to people. It is the individual, not the entity, who gives unconditional loyalty to the Client; who provides personal accountability to the Client; and who brings passion to the Client's cause.


Entertainment Law

The Firm's Entertainment Law Clients include production companies, radio and television personalities, directors, producers, and a variety of other participants in the entertainment industry. For these Clients, the Firm has successfully handled such entertainment law matters as:

  • The negotiation of performance contracts for radio and TV talent;
  • The drafting and negotiation of motion picture investor contracts;
  • The drafting of all contracts and licenses underlying the formation and business activities of a production company;
  • The drafting and negotiation of sponsor/advertiser contracts for radio and television productions;
  • Advice regarding Internet-based multimedia productions; and
  • Management and legal advice for recording artists

The Firm's Entertainment Law clients include Pete Wellborn's daughter Maggie, who, in 2006, appeared with Joan Severance and Corbin Bernsen in "Last Sunset."

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