No law firm, regardless of its size, has a monopoly on top-notch attorneys. “Bigger” does not mean “better,” especially when the Client’s case or matter does not require an army of attorneys. The prudent Client understands that the attorney-Client relationship ultimately boils down to people. It is the individual, not the entity, who gives unconditional loyalty to the Client; who provides personal accountability to the Client; and who brings passion to the Client’s cause.


Corporate Law

The Firm's practice includes everything Clients need to manage their corporate law needs, from business formation and dissolution to corporate compliance. Keeping your corporate entity updated and compliant is a key task for any business and should not be handled alone. The Firm has ample experience working with corporations to help them insure their compliance and health.

When good friends start a business together, they often, because of their mutual trust, skip any meaningful discussion of the "tough issues". What happens if one owner wants to leave, what happens if an irresolvable dispute occurs, etc. In this situation, it is especially important for the parties to explore these issues and memorialize their agreement in writing. Even the most reasonable people acting in the best of faith can have misunderstandings if their unspoken assumptions differ in the slightest. A solid business agreement from a good corporate law firm will help eliminate the distractions that can result from ill feelings between partners.