The next time you are in another law firm, take a look around. Are that firm’s Clients financing a museum-quality art collection? Are the bathrooms decked out in Brazilian granite from floor to ceiling? Does the firm lunchroom look more like a five-star restaurant? Do you think that firm’s Clients ever wonder why they are paying $350/hour? $400/hour? Even more? The smart Client hires the person, rather than financing the institution.


Choose an attorney who combines a “can do” attitude with a “won’t be a yes man” mentality. Choose an attorney who understands the economics of his representation. Choose an attorney who realizes that the “real world” solution to a problem often differs dramatically from the “law school exam” answer to that same set of facts. Choose an attorney who knows that, at its core essence, legal advice is actually a business function designed – morally, ethically, and within the rules – to provide maximum economic benefit to the Client.