No law firm, regardless of its size, has a monopoly on top-notch attorneys. “Bigger” does not mean “better,” especially when the Client’s case or matter does not require an army of attorneys. The prudent Client understands that the attorney-Client relationship ultimately boils down to people. It is the individual, not the entity, who gives unconditional loyalty to the Client; who provides personal accountability to the Client; and who brings passion to the Client’s cause.

Arbitration Law Firm

Arbitration & Mediation

The Firm has extensive experience in the various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. The Firm has successfully represented Clients before the American Arbitration Association (the “AAA”) (including cases governed by the AAA’s standard rules, the AAA’s construction industry rules, and the AAA’s complex matter rules), governmental and judicial arbitration panels, and other private arbitrators and associations.

The Firm has likewise achieved positive outcomes for its Clients via mediation, including numerous Atlanta-area mediations administered by JAMS, by court-appointed mediators, and by other independent mediation services. The Firm is also experienced in matters involving the “front end” of ADR provisions, advising Clients on the subtle factors that determine whether an ADR provision is desirable and, if so, which form of ADR is the best fit. Finally, the Firm’s attorneys have successfully handled cases involving the scope and enforceability of ADR provisions.

Contrary to popular belief, arbitration is not always faster or cheaper than litigation. It is up to the attorney to keep a handle on the tangible and intangible factors that can cause an arbitration to balloon out of control.